Association logos for members use

AICBA encourages members to include references to membership in our association in their respective print and electronic media.

The image files below can be used by members for inclusion on their Web sites, stationery, etc.

Members’ service providers can access this page directly, without a password, at
Please see notes for service providers at the bottom of this page.


Standard 46 X 30
White background


GIF formats for Websites

Grey scale 46 X 30
White background



Grey scale
Black background 46 X 30


Standard 117 X 77
White background


Standard 400 X 122
(Here constrained to 252 X 77)
White background


For word processors
Portable graphics (png) files work best with most word processors. To download one of the files below right-click on the file name, then save the file in a directory. Refer to your word processor instructions for inserting and resizing within a document.

Logo without text:

Logo with text:

TIF file – For printers, graphic artists, etc
TIF file:

Notes – Service providers

Blue color:
Pantone PMS307
RGB R:000 G:122 B:165
RGB Hex #007aa5

As the blue color may not match your purposes it is acceptable to display the logo in black and white or in shades of grey.