Designated Committees

The following is a list of the various committees that elected members of our Board of Directors attend on behalf of AICBA.

Designated Committees & Board Members
CSAG Committee – Sandi Villeneuve
BCCC – Policy & Projects Committee – Sandi Villeneuve, Oryst Dydynsky
BCCC – Program Management Committee – Jaime Seidner
BCCC – Trusted Trader Review Sub Committee – Oryst Dydynsky
BCCC – Cargo Control & Release Sub Committee – Oryst Dydynsky
BCCC – Export Committee – Oryst Dydynsky
BCCC – CARM/ARL Committee – Enzo Lancione, Oryst Dydynsky
CITT –  Advisory Committee – John Moccia
BCCC – Courier LVS/eCommerce Committee – Oryst Dydynsky, John Moccia