CBSA Regional Director General announcement




Today, I am announcing that after 34 years of service, I will be retiring from the Public Service of Canada and Canada Border Services Agency in July 2019.


Throughout my 8 years as the Regional Director General here in the Southern Ontario Region (SOR), we have developed very strong relationships built on respect, trust and cooperation. I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your support and partnership in contributing to a well-managed border in Southern Ontario which supports both the Canadian and U.S economies and keeps our communities safe.


Christine Durocher Executive Director, SOR will be assuming the role of Interim Regional Director General, SOR, effective today, April 10th 2019 until the position is staffed permanently. Christine’s significant experience in operations and her excellence in leadership will serve her very well in delivering quality service, protection and leading through change and transformation in the SOR. Acting Regional Director Durocher can be contacted at 905 – 354-5137 and/or by e mail at 


Over the next few months, as I transition to retirement, I will be working on both CBSA regional and national files and attending previously committed conferences and stakeholder meetings with Christine. Hope to see you there!


It has been an honor and privilege to work in partnership with all of you. Thank you.



Best Regards


Rick Comerford

Regional Director General

Canada Border Services

Southern Ontario Region.