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AICBA's Mission Statement
AICBA is an association of corporations, proprietorships, and partnerships that are carriers of international freight, customs brokers, or international bridge or tunnel operators.

AICBA's purpose is to secure public support in Canada and the United States of America, to make representations to governments, and to co-ordinate activities with other organizations for:
  • The expansion of Canadian and American Trade,
  • The simplification and modification of tariff charges, regulations and procedures,
  • The promotion of constructive legislation within the field of international trade and international transportation,
  • The self-regulation and professionalization of those engaged in the Practice of Customs Brokerage in Canada,
  • The development and promotion of standards of conduct among those engaged in the practice of Canadian customs brokerage,
  • The maintenance and improvement of the qualifications and standards of practice of those engaged in the Practice Customs Brokerage in Canada,
  • Promoting, protecting and furthering the interests, and conserving the rights of importers, exporters, customs brokers, transporters and others interested in international trade and international transportation,

Conducting research into and investigating issues affecting international trade and disseminating the results of such research to interested parties.
The Association shall strive, wherever possible to provide equal opportunities for participation in its affairs in both English and French and to provide services for its members in both English and French.

Any proprietorship, partnership or corporation who is a Carrier of International Freight, a Customs Broker, or an International Bridge or Tunnel Operator is eligible to apply to become a Member upon satisfaction of the Membership requirements.

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